Interview: with David Fuhrer


About Me
Hi, My Name is David, I’m a CG Generalist currently studying as a 3D Artist in Switzerland.

Coming more from a 2D background I just started to explore the Beauty of 3D in 2013 and I have fallen in Love with it. I love everything about Computer Generated Images since I started with Photoshop back in 2004. My Main Tool at the moment is HoudiniFX.

david-fuhrer-profileI am currently available and working as a Freelance Artist.

Main Skills:
Houdini FX, Mantra, Photoshop, Procedural Texturing

Unity3D (Game Engine), Maya, Cinema4D, 3D Coat, Modo, Nuke, Fusion

Basic, Java Script, Python, HScript

Linux (Managing Data, Basic Script Writing), Windows, MacOS

Computer History, Music, Film

German, English


The Short Interview
Interviewer: Please introduction yourself Mr.Fuhrer.
David Fuhrer: Hey thanks, no problem. I was born and raised in Switzerland and still remain there in the Basel. I started around 2004 with abstract 3d art. I always wanted to use my computer for work since we got our first computer back in 1989. An MSX with Basic on it from Microsoft. My Brother and I had this Game Maze of Galious and it basically got me where I am now. I did create my own assets with cardboard’s and paper once the MSX broke. Drawing little Monsters, Items and Characters etc. In my youth when we finally got a pc again I started to try out create my own game. I soon learned that I most love to create the graphics, so that’s where I got stuck.

Interviewer: What do you think you big breaking moment was in your career?
David Fuhrer: I don’t really know. I’m happy I created some Illustration which seem to have spread over the Internet. Otherwise I hope my big breakthrough will still come one day.

Interviewer: How do you promote your work?
David Fuhrer: I just upload them to Deviant and Behance and maybe post them on my Facebook and twitter nowadays. But otherwise I don’t really make any promotion. I wish I had more time or maybe could be less lazy and promote my work better.

Interviewer: Thank you for the very short interview.
David Fuhrer: Thank you for having me.

You can find David and all has work @


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