About WAD and the Author

About WAD And Me

Ronald Harris

Ronald Harris

Hello and welcome to WAD, I and Ronald Harris and the is a website that will helpfully expose you to new ideas for your up-coming projects. On this website you will see 3D art, drawings, Photoshop manipulations, print design and much much more. You will also get a change to read about what some of these designers do and maybe even what they were thinking we they were designing.

My goals for this site is to help you unlock new potential and think thoughts about how you can improve you own work before or while your designing. Also, I want to expose you to new art forums from some of the best artist in the business today. If all goes to plan, you’ll be inspired to take you project to the next level.

The Man Behind The Blog

My name is Ronald Harris. I know I know I’ve said that already at the beginning of this about me page. So let me add some information you my not know about me. I am currently a Thomas Nelson Community College student. My major is (as you may have guessed already) Computer Arts.

This is why this site is important to me. I love graphic design now as much as I did as a young kid. I’m not going to take you along with me on a flashback of my childhood, but I will say that seen I was a child I loved all things artsy. Everything from painting to 3D animation was a world of wonder and amazement when I was about 7 years old. I remember saying to my mother “It would be cool to do that as a grown up. If that was a job I would do that.” She laughed for a couple seconds and say “You can.” After that, a big smile covered my face as a continued watching television in the living room. This may be the moment that started it all for me.

I believe that others can have this moment too. A point in your life that triggers that dawn if self direction when you know that you will be that painter, sketch artist, animator, sound designer, cartoonist or whatever you want to be.


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